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S'more Summer Fun!

Were you able to dig yourself out from under a pile of Zucchini on Tuesday? I truly love that 'they' have made a holiday out of sneaking squash onto your neighbor's porch or into their unlocked car! I... Read More

Last Month of Summer

I invite you to join me this August as I go on a picnic, wiggle my toes in the grass, celebrate my life and my community, get my annual eye exam, lock up my car to prevent 'Zucchini gifting', forgive ... Read More

The Wind - Down.

As promised last week, we are going to talk about Take Your Pants For a Walk Day - happening tomorrow, July 27. I will definitely be taking my pants for a walk as the alternative just doesn't seem rig... Read More

Ugly trucks, junk food and hammocks.

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on July 20, 2017
Posted Under: Monthly Memo , Human Interest
Let's start the weekend early - on Thursday the 20th, Ugly Truck Day! I remember when all trucks were somewhat ugly. They were intended to be our modern day beasts of burden. We hauled lumber, topsoil... Read More

Nude Pandemonium! Is that right?

This could prove to be another very interesting weekend with Friday the 14th being both National Nude Day and Pandemonium Day. I don't make these things up, honestly, I just report them! I think ... Read More

International Kissing Day - July 6th.

What a weekend this promises to be!Thursday is the kickoff with International Kissing and National Fried Chicken Day. I'm hoping there will be enough leftovers of both to go around all weekend! F... Read More

Hug Holiday; June 29th.

Posted by Woodinville Florist on June 29, 2017
Posted Under: Monthly Memo , Human Interest
Who needs a holiday to give and get hugs? Every day should be a Hug Holiday! Hugs have been proven to reduce the harmful effects of stress on your blood pressure and heart. Hugs can add to your s... Read More

Concerning Combination: June 26th, Beautician's Day and Forgiveness Day!

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on June 26, 2017
Posted Under: Care Tip , Monthly Memo , Human Interest
While sitting in a salon a few years ago, I overheard the hairdresser in the next station say "Oops!". I could not resist making comment on that! There are two people in the world you do not want to h... Read More

June 15th; Smile Power and Nursing Assistant's Day.

Posted by Woodinville Florist on June 15, 2017
Posted Under: Monthly Memo , Human Interest
Smile Power and Nursing Assistants on the same day: how appropriate! Often the first healthcare professional we see and the one we see most often is the smiling CNA. This is a good day to acknowledge ... Read More

Advice for graduates. Show them some love!

Graduation is near for many of our readers and they will soon be seeking employment. I wish to share some words of wisdom a... Read More

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