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April's Notable Dates and Whacky Holidays

Oh, my! April is loaded with so many fun dates I'm nearly speechless! You could spend much of your Spring Break exploring all the opportunities these days bring....or not. 1st April Fools’ Day... Read More

Mom & Pop Business

Posted by Woodinville Florist on March 29, 2017
Posted Under: Human Interest
March 29th Is National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day. This includes Woodinville Florist. Thank you for supporting us, our local vendors, and all locally owned small businesses. Oriana &... Read More

In Spring... Drones Appear?

In the spring, our thoughts might turn to the birds, bees and butterflies. Here is another “What will they think of next” discovery. You might recall seeing the article about our dangerou... Read More

Plant a Flower Today

Posted by Woodinville Florist on March 12, 2017
Posted Under: What's New , Quote of the Month , Human Interest
Today, March 12th, Plant a Flower Day, if the weather prevents you from planting outdoors, you can still freshen up your life a bit with one of our bright indoor blooming plants or an amusing mixed di... Read More

March's Notable Dates and Wacky Holidays

Posted by Woodinville Florist on March 1, 2017
Posted Under: Monthly Memo , Local Events , Human Interest
March is by far one of my favorite months! It is full of the anticipation of spring, coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb, it has the whimsy of the Irish, takes seriously the care of our Eart... Read More

National Canned Food Month

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on February 27, 2017
Posted Under: Human Interest
Current trends lean towards fresh, organic foods, but the truth is fresh vegetables are not necessarily more nutritious than canned. Most canned fruits and vegetables provide as much fiber and vitamin... Read More

Romace in America

Posted by Woodinville Florist on February 13, 2017
Posted Under: Flower Facts, Human Interest
If scientists developed a gene for romance, would the trait be passed on through women or men? According to a nationwide poll, men put the "MAN" in romantic. The survey revealed 85 percent of men beli... Read More

Happy Birthday Boy Scouts!

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on February 8, 2017
Posted Under: Human Interest
Sunday, February 8 is the 105th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America. As a scout leader and den mother in the 1970s and 80s, I learned many lessons along with my scouts. I learned how to tie a lot... Read More

What's New? - Valentine's Day!

Posted by Oriana Hammerstrom on February 6, 2017
Posted Under: What's New , Flower Facts, Human Interest
Half the fun of sending or receiving Valentine’s gifts at work is to be able to show them off to co-workers. This year we are fortunate that the 14th falls early in the week so that everyone can... Read More

Did You Know? - Heart Disease

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on February 3, 2017
Posted Under: Did you know?, Human Interest
Heart disease is the number one killer of women – more than all cancers combined. People are being asked to wear red on February 3rd, to show their support of the fight against heart disease. Ta... Read More

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