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Chocolate Chip Cookies and Dirty Dishes

Chocolate is considered a staple and a food group in my home. We have something chocolate every day and I often enjoy a treat from the Chocolate Man gourmet selections at Woodinville Florist. However... Read More

National Soup Month or Oatmeal if You Prefer

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on January 9, 2018
Posted Under: Monthly Memo , Human Interest, Recipes
I just love it when the cooler days of January come around and we celebrate two of my favorite comfort foods - soup and oatmeal. I enjoy a steaming bowl of either, even in the heat of summer. Short on... Read More

S'more Summer Fun!

Were you able to dig yourself out from under a pile of Zucchini on Tuesday? I truly love that 'they' have made a holiday out of sneaking squash onto your neighbor's porch or into their unlocked car! I... Read More

Brownies and Christmas Treats!

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on December 8, 2016
Posted Under: Human Interest, Recipes
December 8, National Brownie Day Gordie’s Favorite Brownies 1 Cup Melted Butter 3 Cups Sugar 1 Tablespoon Vanilla 4 Eggs 1 ½ Cups Flour 1 Cup Cocoa* 1 teaspoon Salt 1 Cup Cho... Read More

Stories from the Woodstove Kitchen

Posted by Woodinville Florist on October 4, 2016
Posted Under: Human Interest, Recipes
It has been gray and wet for several days; Mr. Right and I are now on the ‘countdown’ to the day we depart for the sunny winter skies of the southwest. Departure prep includes consuming as... Read More

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