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  Just who is that man in the Charlie Brown golf shirt?

 That would be my handsome husband, Matt Hammerstrom. He and his Corporate Four friends are out for a day of fun and sun, raising funds for a local youth golf program – Grass Roots Jr. Golf Foundation.
Woodinville Florist, along with our friends at Efinity Tech and several other local businesses unite their passion for golf with their dedication to support youth programs.

Grass Roots Jr. Golf Foundation (GRGF) is a charity formed in 2004; having served over 2,500 local youth from 7-17 with affordable and meaningful golf learning experiences.

Jeff Cornish, founder of the organization, explains “Golf can be an excellent classroom for exploring lifelong lessons in honesty, perseverance, discipline, respect, sportsmanship, etc., because of the way golf is intended to be played. In golf, as in life, you are your own referee.”

“What makes our program unique is we focus on providing programming at real golf courses, using real equipment, and well trained coaches. Our volunteer coaches receive at least 20 hours of training.”
Tuition is well below the actual cost to conduct the program and financial assistance is also available to assure that all families can participate.

There are a variety of ways to help - through donations (cash, equipment, auction items), volunteer service, or participation in the annual golf tournament/fundraising auction.

More information is available at www.grgfound(dot)org


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