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The 13th is Not Necessarily a Friday!

Friday is not the 13th, but the 13th is indeed Fortune Cookie Day (and Uncle Sam Day). If I were to have a fortune cookie this week it would say "Uncle Sam and Confucius say you idiot! You not check s... Read More

September's Notable Dates and Whacky Holidays

We have so many things to talk about this month and we will definitely get to that over the next few weeks. Have you noticed the season is already changing? The mornings are a little bit more chilly... Read More

Last Chance!

Posted by Woodinville Florist on August 25, 2018
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We are just about out of summer and just about out of time to enter the Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest at Woodinville Florist! Friday, August 31 will be the last day to submit your entry. August 4t... Read More

It's a Bee, Honey!

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on August 14, 2018
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The 18th is National Honey Bee Awareness Day. At the sound of a buzz I used to run the other way. I have been stung a couple of times, but to be fair, it was not the fault of the bees. I haven't see... Read More

Zucchini was Left on the Middle Child's Porch!

I have fond memories of the friends and neighbors I had while growing up. The “G” family next door came from Minot, North Dakota. To me that was a world away and in the 1950's Minot... Read More

August's Notable Dates and Whacky Holidays

Posted by Woodinville Florist on August 2, 2018
Posted Under: Monthly Memo , Local Events , Recipes
August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Let's have a bit of fun with that, especially since it is Family Fun Month. I would like to gift one of our valued clients with a spectacular summer... Read More

Special People & Trucks Full of Treats

Posted by Oriana Hammerstrom on July 20, 2018
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Have you noticed our new website design? Thank you to our friends at Efinity Technologies for the custom update to our website design. The fresh new design has a more open look for a more enjoyable i... Read More

Blueberries & Ice Cream - Sounds Like a Pie!

Blueberries are probably my favorite berries. I like most berries, but if I want to eliminate the tart ones and seedy ones, then blueberries are the best. I keep a big bag in the freezer and have them... Read More

July's Notable Dates and Whacky Holidays

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on June 30, 2018
Posted Under: Monthly Memo
We aren't starting out National Picnic Month on a very good foot. It's a bit gray and soggy for my taste but I hear it will clear up soon. The Fourth of July is, by coincidence, also National Country... Read More

Feel the Love

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on June 25, 2018
Posted Under: Wedding Tip , Monthly Memo
Tuesday is Beauticians Day. How thoughtful it would be to send a bud vase or little plant to brighten the station of someone who stands on his/her feet all day helping people look lovely. I say 'helpi... Read More

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