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June 21st - First day of Summer - Finally!

Posted by Woodinville Florist on June 21, 2017
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All we can say is "Bee Happy" that we finally have sun. It has been a long dreary time.  Finally you have the chance to work in the garden or, better yet, go fishing! Go fishing and leave ... Read More

June 15th; Smile Power and Nursing Assistant's Day.

Posted by Woodinville Florist on June 15, 2017
Posted Under: Monthly Memo , Human Interest
Smile Power and Nursing Assistants on the same day: how appropriate! Often the first healthcare professional we see and the one we see most often is the smiling CNA. This is a good day to acknowledge ... Read More

Father's Day, Go Fishing Day, and International Picnic Day; June 18th.

Posted by Woodinville Florist on June 15, 2017
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Who could have planned this better? Although not every father likes fishing, or even picnics for that matter, this is the day set aside to honor that special person in your life with something he does... Read More

Paris and Roses; June 12th Red Rose Day.

Have you ever been to Paris - The City of Light? When I think of Paris I think of fashion, culture, art, parties, romance and royalty. I think of a city that is colorful, flamboyant, revolutionary, my... Read More

Advice for graduates. Show them some love!

Graduation is near for many of our readers and they will soon be seeking employment. I wish to share some words of wisdom a... Read More

National Gardening Exercise Day - June 6.

Posted by Woodinville Florist on June 5, 2017
Posted Under: Monthly Memo , Flower Facts, Local Events
   With better weather arriving, some of us have already been working in the garden. Maybe the word 'work' is not accurate. Experts have recognized that gardening not only has the physical h... Read More

June's Notable Dates and Whacky Holidays

Posted by Woodinville Florist on June 1, 2017
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Candy Month (Spokandy Chocolates – the best!) National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month Rose Month 2nd National Roc... Read More

Water a Flower!

Posted by Woodinville Florist on May 30, 2017
Posted Under: Care Tip , Flower Facts
Flower Care Tip; water your cut flowers EVERY day. You might have received flowers arranged in the green foam we often refer to as ‘oasis’. This is not a magic substance for preservin... Read More

Just For Fun - Escargot Anyone?

Posted by Woodinville Florist on May 24, 2017
Posted Under: Human Interest
As a child my parents took me and my brother to a "Fancy Restaurant", I know it was fancy because it had Escargot on the menu, and I remember that it was on the menu because my Dad ordered it - for us... Read More

Pet of the Month - ??

Posted by Faith Middleton - Princess of Print on May 20, 2017
Posted Under: Pet of the Month
"You have a face only a mother could love". That’s what they said – Beckett with his big brown nose, Dino with all that weird spike stuff on his back and Bashful Owl with her head screwed ... Read More

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