Prom Thoughts

With Homecoming coming up, you have probably given some thought as to who your date will be. First, let me say that it is now perfectly acceptable for either girls or boys to do the inviting, and it is also a common and acceptable choice to go solo or with a group of friends.

If you are inviting a date, it is probably a good idea to invite someone with similar interests who you will enjoy spending the evening with. A blind date for a prom is pretty risky.

Regardless of who does the inviting, gentleman or lady, if you accept the invitation it is very ‘un-cool’ to change your mind or to leave someone hanging while you wait for a ‘better invitation’.

The earlier you make your decision and confirm your dinner, photo, and transportation plans, the better your prom experience will be; you can avoid last minute hassles, embarrassments and disappointments by being prepared.

Speaking of being prepared, whether you go as a couple, solo or in a group, you are going to need flowers. Ladies are responsible for purchasing boutonnières for their dates and gentlemen are responsible for the corsages for their dates. Ordering early is the name of the game. Before you order flowers you will want to know what color your date is wearing – a small fabric sample or even cell phone picture will help the florist assist you in selecting the perfect flowers and accessories. Although most young ladies prefer a wrist corsage, you should probably find out for sure. The earlier you order the more likely you are to have the best selection of flowers, colors, and accessories available. Today, it is fun to add gemstones, feathers, or other bright ‘bling’ as a way to individualize your prom flowers. The florist can help you make the perfect selections to fit your tastes and budget.

Another fun – and courteous practice is to present your date’s mother with a small wrapped bouquet or single rose when you arrive to pick up your date.

Whatever your choices are for your prom, please make sure your decisions include safe transportation. We want every young person to be able to share their photos and wonderful experiences of Prom Night; memories to last a lifetime.

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