Cut Flower Care and Handling


  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight
  • Never leave flowers in a hot car
  • Keep flowers out of drafts
  • Water regularly, using flower food
  • Mix food according to directions or don’t use at all!
  • Re cut stems every few days


Vase Arrangements

When your flowers are arranged in a clear vase it’s easy to monitor the health of the stems; you can actually see what’s going on. Follow all the points above and add a water change when you re cut the stems so your water doesn’t end up looking like this:

2 1


Basket & Container Arrangements

Designs that arrive in baskets and containers other than a traditional glass vase may use floral foam to hold the flowers in place. The foam is specially formulated to mimic the cellular structure of flower stems; it absorbs water like a sponge in order to make it available to the flowers.

All the points above apply, however re cutting the stems is not advised. Removing the stems from the foam and then reinserting may create air pockets that will shorten the life of your arrangement.

Also, when adding water, locate the edge of the foam; there should be a gap between the foam and plastic liner or side of the container where you can add water. It takes a little bit of time for water to soak into the foam. Pouring water directly on it, unless done very slowly, will repel the excess water the foam isn’t able to soak up immediately. You’ll end up with a dry flower arrangement and wet table.


Which brings me to my final point; all this watering should be done in a sink

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